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Start exploring your next-gen data center & migrate to the cloud with ease

As hybrid cloud becomes increasingly ubiquitous, a number of organizations are muddled in technical debt and struggling to leverage the full potential of their existing infrastructure. We can help transform your organization’s data center by leveraging platforms that deliver upon the agility and scale of the public cloud, while providing the data locality and control that you would expect from an on-premise solution.

Today’s IT leaders are increasingly looking to cloud solutions to help them increase agility, improve collaboration and cut costs. Using a vendor agnostic, consultative approach, Carousel offers a wide array of cloud consumption models, solutions and vendors, as well as the expertise to help you choose a cloud strategy that enables your organization to achieve positive business outcomes.

Converged Infrastructure

Break down the silos of compute, storage and networking and drastically simplify data center operations by moving to converged and hyperconverged solutions.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Remove the pain from disaster recovery and improve your RTO and RPOs without breaking the bank.

Virtualization & Automation

Optimize application delivery and improve business agility by leveraging a cloud management platform to bring together all of the elements of your data center.

Public Cloud

Leverage top-tier hosting providers and platforms for reliable, scalable cloud services.

Private Cloud

Get all the scalability and flexibility the cloud offers while maintaining complete control of your sensitive data.

Hybrid Cloud

Keep sensitive, business-critical information on the private cloud while leveraging public cloud for other workloads to keep costs down.

Whether you plan to optimize the technology you own today or migrate to something new, let us help you move forward.

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